Energizing Doctors & Nurses with Trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solutions that drive effective decision-making and outcomes across healthcare.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Outcomes matter more than ever, Improve outcomes through greater transparency & Documentation

Elevated Nursing Clinical Excellence

Lead a nursing transformation and empower nursing staff with evidence-based solutions that helps deliver consistent patient care

Transform your clinical operations and improve Quality of Care

Care delivery is constantly being modified, improved, revamped and in general a ‘work in progress’. Such realities make SUKRAA a smart place to start for organizations constantly updating their demands of data, reporting and decision making tools.
Our Platform SFACTER provides an electronic medical record system spanning all lines of service and levels of care.
This highly adaptable platform can easily be altered and augmented to meet the complex and evolving needs of patients. Whether that includes adding new service lines or additional levels of care or both, Sukraa is the place to start.

Medication Administration

Reduce errors

Clinical Decision Support

Enhance Decision Making

Patient Safety

Reduce Medical Errors

Order Legibility

Clear & Concise E-ordering

Fast & Easy Documentation

Medical Record Management

Efficient Care Coordination

Improve efficiences & enable interoperabilities


Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Medical Administration Record (MAR)



Patient Medication Sheets

Medication Reconciliation

Physician and Nursing Consoles / Dashboards

Launching @ Medlab Asia

Process Excellence

10+ laboratory disciplines

100+ disease specific inbuilt algorithms

> 80 % auto authorisation percentage

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Sukraa Software Solution Private Limited, India based healthcare ERP software development company with its expertise more than 20 years

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