Cloud Technology (SaaS)

Forget and remember


We are here to Transform your business effortlessly and seamlessly into digital platform and maintain it with Zero worries

Hub and Spoke model

Create your branches with less effort. It helps you build your business in Secure, scalable and cost-effective method.

The Third eye

SaaS is the third eye of your business. You can monitor the whole business form anywhere. Both inventory consumption and revenue can be monitored through our software.


Anywhere and anytime access

You can access your applications anytime and anywhere.

You can access your applications anytime and anywhere.

• Requires no upfront costs
• Make regular payments which makes it an operating expense (OpEx)
• Pay for what you use.


• Its more reliable and
• Guaranteed up-time of 99%,

Worry-free IT

• Need not to worry about the maintenance of software or the hardware
• Backup and disaster recovery


-Data center enforces security measures, which are costlier when done in on-premise


No worries no deployment of the software in all locations

Access and monitor you data from anywhere

Gain you access to software immediately.

Pay for what you use

Mobilise your workflow on the move

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Sukraa Software Solution Private Limited, India based healthcare ERP software development company with its expertise more than 20 years

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